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Cemetery Latitude Longitude Other Information
Alexander Cemetery 400144N 0804837W  
Armstrongs Cemetery 395433N 0805441W  
Barnesville Catholic Cemetery 395853N 0811055W  
Barton Cemetery 400649N 0804946W  
Bellaire Cemetery 395945N 0804600W  
Belmont Memorial Park 400351N 0805006W
Belmont Ridge Cemetery 400955N 0811047W  
Belmont Town Cemetery 400141N 0810212W  
Bend Fork Cemetery 395639N 0805943W  
Berry Cemetery 400728N 0804740W  
Bethel Cemetery 395749N 0811334W  
Bethesda Cemetery 400052N 0810401W  
Boston Cemetery 395320N 0811201W  
Boston Cemetery 395313N 0811152W  
Butcher Cemetery 400424N 0805539W  
Calvary Cemetery 400118N 0804514W  
Center Cemetery 395817N 0810459W  
Captina African Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 39.93888 -81.14667  
Centerville Cemetery 395832N 0805721W  
Chestnut Level Cemetery 395917N 0810143W  
Chestnut Ridge Friends Cemetery 395732N 0811011W  
Cold Cemetery 395619N 0810848W  
Coleman Cemetery 400728N 0805356W  
Crabapple Cemetery 400920N 0805942W  
Crestview Cemetery 395846N 0811054W  
Davis Cemetery 395945N 0804603W  
Dilles Bottom Cemetery 395524N 0804700W  
Dover Cemetery 395331N 0805313W  
Dunfee Cemetery 395810N 0804752W  
East Richland Cemetery 400320N 0805721W  
Ebenezer Cemetery 400058N 0810523W  
Farmington Cemetery 400627N 0804915W  
Flushing Area Cemetery 400902N 0810410W  
Flushing City Cemetery 400856N 0810333W  
Flushing Township Cemetery 400857N 0810322W  
Friends Cemetery 400456N 0805356W  
Friends Township Cemetery 395944N 0810844W  
German Cemetery 400119N 0804525W  
Gibson Cemetery 400100N 0811239W  
Glencoe Cemetery 400028N 0805305W  
Grandview Cemetery 395238N 0805425W  
Greenmount Cemetery 395939N 0811010W  
Greenwood Cemetery 400055N 0804504W                                                       
Greenwood Cemetery 400113N 0804508W  
Hardesty Cemetery 400535N 0805029W  
Harmony Cemetery 395534N 0811157W  
High Ridge Cemetery 400311N 0804829W  
Holly Memorial Gardens 40.14795 80.84199  
Hope Cemetery 400344N 0811100W  
Hunter Cemetery 395654N 0810329W  
Infirmary Cemetery 400429N 0805804W  
Jacobsburg Cemetery 395737N 0805410W  
Key Cemetery 395831N 0805226W  
Lansing Cemetery 400431N 0804731W  
Linwood Cemetery 400422N 0804910W  
Methodist Cemetery 400452N 0805419W  
Morristown First Cemetery 400346N 0810421W  
Mount Calvary Cemetery      
Mount Horeb Cemetery 395453N 0810258W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 395705N 0810220W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 395948N 0804852W  
New Barton Cemetery 400612N 0805050W  
Oak Grove Cemetery 400815N 0811330W  
Old Egypt Cemetery 400511N 0810827W  
Old Northern Cemetery 395401N 0810814W  
Old Quaker Cemetery 395345N 0810813W  
Old Uniontown Cemetery 400740N 0805920W  
Perkins Cemetery 395429N 0805933W  
Plainfield Cemetery 400352N 0810011W  
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 400903N 0805046W  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 395459N 0805104W  
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 395527N 0810612W  
Powhatan Cemetery 395217N 0804748W  
Pugh Cemetery 395217N 0805903W  
Riverview Cemetery 400618N 0804321W  
Rock Hill Cemetery 400153N 0804658W  
Rockhill Cemetery 400813N 0810607W  
Rose Hill Cemetery      
Saint Anthony’s Cemetery      
Saint Marys Cemetery 400658N 0810123W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 400535N 0804440W  
Salem Cemetery 400521N 0810912W  
Scatterday Cemetery 395814N 0805614W  
Scotch Ridge Cemetery 400747N 0804539W  
Sewellsville Cemetery 400550N 0811242W  
Southern Cemetery 395900N 0811033W  
Speidel Cemetery 400007N 0810643W  
Stillwater Cemetery 400836N 0810934W  
Stillwater Cemetery 395916N 0810906W  
Turk Cemetery 400445N 0805028W  
Union Cemetery 395643N 0810826W  
Union Cemetery 400512N 0805415W  
Union Cemetery 400356N 0810418W  
Unity Cemetery 400908N 0805820W  
Vallonia Area Cemetery 395709N 0805024W  
Varner Cemetery 395439N 0810736W  
Walnut Grove Cemetery 400600N 0804304W  
Warnock Cemetery 400114N 0805545W  
Weeks Cemetery 400534N 0804537W  
Wegee Cemetery 395719N 0804759W  
Wegee Creek Cemetery 395732N 0804615W  
Wesley Chapel Cemetery 400027N 0805952W  
Wheeling Valley Cemetery 400843N 0805408W  
Workman Cemetery 395703N 0804726W


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